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Therefore, the interviewer may seek clarifications on your answer, which you should always be ready to give. It can be frustrating when someone disagrees with you, especially in a field where technology can make or break a launch or update. To handle these situations gracefully and guide projects toward success, it’s important for a candidate to know how to be diplomatic while still relying on their expertise and knowledge. Candidates may mention considerations like maintainability, scalability, and security levels, all of which impact a company’s systems.

This is normally done by regularly testing the efficiency of an application or software, which helps avoid sudden failure and customer disappointment if the system is required to take more load than it usually does. These lessons make us better at our jobs, allowing us to create more value by avoiding making the same mistakes. However, we advise that you use an example from your first years in this job. What are some of your achievements, outstanding positions and roles you have performed and held?

  • This question helps a hiring manager gauge your understanding of observability and how you could help their organization implement this approach.
  • This calls for dedication from everybody within the organization to gather the info and use the outcomes.
  • Employees are able to create change at scale and have an opportunity to truly disrupt and shape .
  • One needs to understand the types of data flow from the environment and how they are useful to the observability goals, have a clear vision of what the team holds dear and figure out the impact of the strategy on the data.
  • You must create your own answers, and be prepared for any interview question in any interview.
  • Candidates may mention considerations like maintainability, scalability, and security levels, all of which impact a company’s systems.

Throughout the interview, you will be asked a series of technical questions about the tools, methodologies, and processes you use in this job. You are expected to have a deep understanding of some of these and be familiar with others. Since observability is a fundamental practice used by a site reliability engineer, you should have extensive knowledge about this and be able to talk about what contributes to effective observability. As with any technical question, keep your answer brief and to the point and anticipate a follow-up question from the interviewer.

Reliability Engineer Interview Questions To Ask

Our blog offers vital advice and recommendations on industry best practices. When asked to select between creating new attributes or paying down technological financial obligations, my initial method is to consider the metrics and see which activities will give the better ROI. This objective evaluation is simple to finish when the right metrics are readily available. However, my experience has taught me to examine this issue subjectively to determine which effort would undoubtedly generate the best outcomes, result in future growth, and keep the DevOps group engaged.

Make sure you address this question from the viewpoint that on-call isn’t simply about processes and tooling — but thatpeopleneed to be a core focus when setting up your on-call rotations and alert rules. This is an excellent technical question to determine how you’ve set upmonitoring and alerting Site Reliability Engineer tools and how you’ve helped define the “healthy” state of a system in the past. Being able to determine where your team can make the biggest improvements to resilience without drastically affecting employee productivity or process will show that you’re able to problem-solve at a high level.

There are a number of practices in reliability engineering that ensures your system’s consistency and flawless operation. The interviewer will definitely want to know if you are aware of some that you can employ in your work. Make sure that you get this question right and offer a brief explanation of these practices . The interviewer wants to know if you understand the importance of skillful planning in your line of work. This is a reliability engineering best practice that you should adhere to in your work.

Site Reliability Engineer questions

Is growing our Site Reliability Engineering team to help deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and enhance our complex cloud-based services for a wide variety of customers. This is yet another technical question on a specific concept in your line of work. It would help if you offered a detailed explanation of an error budget and its use.

Usual SLIs consist of throughput, accessibility, latency, and error rates. Tell me about the differences between process and thread in the context of site reliability engineering. “Some of the more common Linux signals used in my role as a site reliability engineer include SIGKILL, SIGHUP, SIGALRM, SIGQUIT, SIGFPE, SIGINT, and SIGTERM.” Lots of roles might pay lip service to creativity and tenacity desired traits in the job description. In SRE, though, they’re actually critical characteristics, especially when dealing with egos, cultural resistance to change, and other challenges.

Briefly Describe Your Experience

We all know that the DevOps team bridges the Development and Operations department, and contributes to continuous delivery. This command is a lot like killall, except it kills processes with partial names. Killall command is used to kill all the processes with a particular name. Error budget encourages the teams to minimize real incidents and maximize innovation by taking risks within acceptable limits. Error budget defines the maximum amount of time a technical system can fail without contractual consequences.

A great site reliability engineer helps ensure your organization’s IT structure is healthy and strong at all times. Here, you’ll find questions to help assess a candidate’s hard skills, behavioral intelligence, and soft skills. Prepfully has 37 interview questions asked from Site Reliability Engineer candidates. All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on You may have noticed when searching for job interview preparation content, most pages display their content in article format. We do things differently here because we believe the best way to prepare for an interview is to view one interview question at a time.

Many of these stakeholders will not have a technical background, so you will need to use non-technical, easy-to-understand language. When answering this question, you should avoid complex phrases, jargon, or other terminology that the interviewer may not know. SLO is a critical element of a service level agreement between a service provider and a client and whose main purpose is to measure a service provider’s performance and prevent disputes between the parties. The service level objective can be a measurable trait such as availability, response times, frequency or throughput. It thus offers a quantitative means of defining the service level that a customer can expect from a service provider. When interviewing for a site reliability job, you may be asked a broad range of technical questions.

This gives me the information I need to advertise my ideas, compromise when necessary, and work out contracts that move the stakeholders parallel. The purpose of this page is to help you prepare for your job interview. We do this by creating interview questions that we think you might be asked. We hire professional interviewers to help us create our interview questions and write answer examples.

How Do You Answer Reliability Interview Question?

You can also think of it as the ability for a test or research findings to be repeatable. For example, a medical thermometer is a reliable tool that would measure the correct temperature each time it is used. Having a strong business persona is an amazing and brilliant way to focus your resources and the efforts of your business. It helps in creating proper marketing strategies that work in favour of your…

Site Reliability Engineer questions

I’m not knowledgeable about how you would secure these containers. Still, I’m sure I can quickly discover this by accessing several familiar information sources I use in my job. These include Wikipedia, technical blogs, and technology vendors’ details.

Site Reliability Engineer I Interview Questions

Observability offer potentially useful clues about an organization’s DevOps maturity level. Observability is basically a conversation around the measurement and instrument of an organization. More precisely, a data structure is a collection of data values, the relationships among them, and the functions or operations that can be applied to the data.

This blog contains the Top 64 frequently asked PHP Interview Questions and answers in 2022 for freshers & experienced which will help in cracking your PHP interview. Its performance, reliability, and extensibility have played a significant role in PHP’s increasing popularity. A reliability engineer should have logical thinking and organizational skills to achieve professional and systematic asset operation and risk management plans. Other qualities are communication and computer literacy, leadership skills, flexibility, multitasking ability and a formal reliability engineering certification or a supporting background.

What Is Cloud Computing?

These can involve operating systems, programming languages, networking protocols, and other items you may encounter in this role. While it is impossible to be familiar with all of these, you should try to be up to date on the ones you typically use and the technologies the company currently employs. Reviewing these technologies before the interview will enable you to answer the interviewer’s questions quickly and proficiently. The goal of these questions is to help gauge a candidate’s knowledge, experience, and ability to interact with the interviewer while answering with technical competence and clarity. This article is specifically intended for engineering managers and leaders working with Site Reliability Engineering teams. We begin with an example SRE job description that you can copy, paste, and edit for your specific location and needs.

Best Programming Languages For All Engineers

I collaborated with both groups to establish what info was required to accelerate the implementation of a new piece of software program. As soon as the brand-new system was applied, the start-up time for a new application was decreased by 50%. An error budget policy demonstrates how a business decides to trade off reliability work against other feature work when SLO indicates a service is not reliable enough.

What Is The Difference Between A Site Reliability Engineer And A Devops Engineer?

Arecent search on Indeedreturned 9,475 open SRE jobs in the U.S. alone. Hiring is robust for this role as organizations in all industries look to shore up the performance and reliability of their systems, whether customer-facing services or critical internal applications. If you have the right mix of qualifications, it’s a high-ceiling opportunity, much like its close cousin, the DevOps engineer role. In this article, we provide 34 questions employers may ask you during a site reliability engineer interview, including several with example answers. Like most other job interviews, it’s important to show why you’re excited about the role.