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Democrats and you may Republicans provides opposite ranking to your of a lot issues

opposite (KON tre ree) adj. step 1. go against; against; 2. contrary in general, acquisition, recommendations, etcetera.; completely different; step 3. posturing your self so you can constantly differ; perverse -letter. the alternative • • • •

examine (KON trast getting n., kun TRAST to have v.) vt. to compare in order to see otherwise suggest the differences; while making a part-by-top research -vi. to show variations in contrast -n. step 1. a change, specifically a striking you to, between some things; 2. demonstrating a bold variation, within the color or build, anywhere between various areas of a paint, image, or clips photo • It’s easy to compare Hal’s easygoing actions that have R. • Examine the look of a beneficial 10-karat-gold ring in order to an effective 14-karat one to, as well as the improvement are quickly obvious.

• Check a great rectangle near to various other parallelogram, and you will immediately acknowledge this new contrast. • Modifying the latest contrast on the a tv often smoothen down otherwise solidify the newest means items close to each other was classified. [-ed, -ing] [Synpare]

Lee’s drill-sergeant demeanor

lead (kun TRIB yoot) vt. step one. to provide so you’re able to a familiar finance or result in; dos. to type and give otherwise offer an article of creating to a magazine, newspaper, or any other publication; step three. so you can present otherwise contribute knowledge, ideas, solutions, etc. • Pat constantly contributes to cancers-attacking communities. • James Thurber shared of several funny cartoons and you can quick reports to various publishers throughout their lifetime. • Of several experts of your own Manhattan Enterprise provided the newest records and calculations that lead to Robert Oppenheimer’s becoming the daddy of one’s nuclear bomb. [-d, contributing, share n.]

contrite (kun TRYT) adj. step 1. effect sadness; remorse; dos. demonstrating otherwise through repentance; regretting having over incorrect • Kathy was contrite in order to have removed Rhoda’s vehicles in place of first which have gotten permission. • Bob’s to avoid meeting Gary’s vision just after that have busted his watercraft is caused by his impact contrite. [-ly adv., contrition n.] [Syn. penitent]

controversial (KON truh Observar shee uhl) adj. susceptible to otherwise planning cause disagreement; debatable • The question out-of whether to make a different parking driveway are one particular debatable topic on schedule. • Questionable information are often the subject of societal debate and can polarize feedback. [-ly adv., controversy letter.]

controvert (KON truh voert) vt. 1. so you’re able to argue facing; dispute; deny; contradict; dos. to help you argue in the; debate; talk about • It is almost increasingly difficult to controvert the notion one to life might have after stayed for the Mars. • Magellan’s voyage need to have been adequate to controvert every impression of the new planet’s getting apartment. [-ed, -ing, -ible adj., -ibly adv.] [Syn. disprove]

conundrum (kuh NUHN drm) n. 1. a great riddle in which the respond to contains a pun (use terminology); dos. people puzzling concern or state Good conundrum’s feel #1 was depicted on the following Q & A: Q.

Contrary to preferred viewpoint, Calbert normally dance quite well

One offers observe, and other observe cells. • Having been enjoy to 3 more The new Year’s Eve functions, rather than attempting to harm anybody’s attitude, Olive felt that deciding tips act are a beneficial conundrum.

convergence* (kuhn VOER jins) n. step one. a coming with her; 2. the point at which anything interact • The overlap regarding Donna’s and Flo’s musical appeal confident them one they might succeed while the good duo. • There clearly was an overlap away from a couple tracks toward just one road that occurs at hand. [convergency n., convergent adj.]

talk (KON ver State shin) n. step 1. the brand new work or an incident from speaking together; familiar speak; spoken interchange away from suggestions, views, etc.; dos. an informal conversation for the an area of popular interest from the a couple of governing bodies • Ned and you will Fred had a discussion more than coffees, revealing where you’ll get their motorcycles maintained. • It was standard on Vanessa’s workplace to talk about arrangements to your week-end when you look at the liquids-cool discussions. • Agents of Russia and Japan keeps discussions now and then over Russia’s returning Sakhalin to help you Japan. [-al adj., -ally adv.]