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How to Cancel Your Tinder Plus Subscription

Tinder has become one of the most popular dating services online, with more than 50 million regular users and more than 20 billion matches as of . With so many people matching, relationships that started on Tinder have become commonplace, even the norm.

Meeting people on Tinder is easy, and the emphasis on matching and having a conversation online before deciding to meet in the real world makes the app a comfortable and safe place for many Tinder users.

It is no surprise that so many people have chosen to upgrade to the premium version of the service, Tinder Plus.

Unlike many other social apps, Tinder offers a “Plus” subscription model, which grants access to a bunch of new features. The Rewind feature is a popular favorite, as it allows you to rewind your previous swipe-whether right or left-to correct a mistake and change your answer for that person.

Tinder Plus users also gain access to “Passport,” which allows them to preview and match with people in other locations, such as before a vacation or business trip, before even getting on the plane. Probably the most-used feature of Tinder Plus, of course, is the unlimited right swipes, along with the ad-free experience, and the granting of five “super likes” per day to use on other users.

However, you may find that for your needs Tinder Plus is not worth the cost or your budget is tigher now and youre trying to save money. Perhaps youve found yourself in a relationship and dont need Tinders help anymore. Or, maybe you just dont enjoy the premium features as much as you expected you would; theres no shame in that.

The Tinder Plus service costs users $9.99 a month, or about $120 per year, just for access to a few of Tinders premium features!

Even if Tinder Plus was working well for you, if you find that special someone then presumably youre going to want to turn your subscription off altogether.

If you forget to turn off your Tinder subscription, deleting Tinder from all your devices, and the person you are in a new relationship with finds out you are still on Tinder, then that person is very likely to be angry with you, possibly even leading to the ending of the relationship.

Will deleting tinder account stop payment?

Deleting your Tinder account will not cancel Tinder Plus. You can delete Tinder without canceling Tinder Plus and, conversely, you can cancel Tinder Plus without deleting Tinder. Deleting your Tinder account and canceling Tinder Plus are two different processes.

Unfortunately, Tinder doesnt make it immediately clear how to cancel your Plus subscription, leaving some users paying for a service they no longer need, want, or use, sometimes for months without even realizing it.

However, its easy to cancel Tinder Plus on Android and iOS, as long as you know what youre doing and where to go. In-app subscriptions like Tinder Plus are handled directly through either Google or Apple, making it fast and simple to cancel the service on either platform.

So if youve decided to put Tinder Plus in the rear-view mirror, lets take a look at how to cancel your subscription. Keep in mind that what youre really doing is canceling the “renewal” of Tinder Plus, rather than canceling it immediately. That is, when you cancel Tinder Plus, you are setting it to not renew next time its up for renewal.

How to Cancel Tinder Plus on Android

If youre an Android user, canceling your Tinder Plus subscription is handled just like any other subscription service within Google Play.