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CHAI Center for Jewish Life and Learning

The Chai Hebrew School is completely lay-led and offers individual
Hebrew and Jewish Learning classes. This also includes Bar and Bat
Mitzvah preparation on an individual basis.

Adults are encouraged to take Hebrew classes and many members have
become integral participants in Torah services. Everyone is encouraged to
take on leadership roles, organize tzedakah projects, holiday programs and
lead Shabbat services. There is also a Hebrew teacher who has had many
years of experience teaching in this area.


Adult Learning

Twice a month on Saturday morning, we have Torah Study, at which time we read and discuss the current week’s Parsha.  As those who attend quickly discover, we don’t just read.  We have in depth discussion, and a comment often heard is: “I never knew that.” or “so that’s what that means.”  The leaders of the study group have delved into many relevant teachings and share this information.